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Voted San Antonio’s Best Massage 5 years in a row!

We are proud to say that Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage was Voted San Antonio’s Best Massage in San Antonio for 5 years in a row! Check us out on SALive KSAT.

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Massage Reviews

team-2HeelingSole Customer
Massage Review:

Jeni is amazing! Her Ashiatsu massage and her Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai massage training is second to none. She is dedicated to her trade and you can not go wrong with her. She has sold me on it! Thank you Jeni.

Alexis, Spa Alexis Massage & Bodywork
team-1HeelingSole Customer
Massage Review:

I had been looking for a new massage therapist and I have definitely found her! Thank you so much to Alyssa! She gave me such relief in my back and neck. And her rhythm was very steady with a beautiful flow. Thank you and I will definitely be returning!.

Olga Lora

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This massage is for those of you who need to get out of chronic pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is for those of you who need to get out of chronic pain and muscle or connective tissue restrictions. This deeper than deep tissue massage, our Ashiatsu session is excellent for athletes, large framed body types, deep tissue lovers, people who weigh over 130 pounds, and those with dense muscle tissue or those with tense muscle tissue or chronic pain… Read More

Sports Massage Therapy

Our Sports Massage Therapy for San Antonio Athletes of any kind (from Crossfit Competitors to endurance runners and cyclists, weekend warriors, yogi’s and even couch surfers) is a massage and yoga hybrid, called Ashi-Thai, includes deep, passive stretches to increase your mobility or flexibility, and deeper than deep compression to create more space in your joints and “zen out!”…Read More

Foot Massage

Just looking to get your aching feet rubbed? Our blissful Pada Mudra is a 30 minute foot massage in Alamo Heights. We use our feet and hands to give your feet and lower legs the deepest, most luxurious foot massage you’ve ever felt! …Read More

Need a relaxing massage? Well, the good news is that chemically, deep down to the cells of your body, a sense of relaxation happens with every massage we do. During your massages, we do the hard work and focus on treating your soft tissue injuries, speed up your recovery time, resolve chronic pain, and create a structural change with enhanced proprioceptive awareness to your bod, and even when we have our heels dug down into your muscles with our whole body weight, you’ll find yourself chillaxin’. How is that possible?! Barefoot Massage is just that awesome. Massage Therapy is not a luxury, it’s an investment into your own self-care, wellness, rehabilitation and injury prevention. We know structurally, anatomically what can help get you out of pain now – that’s what we will be focusing on during your sessions here. If you happen to relax enough to zone out and catch a power nap: more power to you!

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