Internship Massages:

An intern @ Heeling Sole has either completed the Beginner level Ashiatsu training, and/or Ashi-Thai training – and sometimes even the Advanced Ashiatsu level of training. With Ashiatsu, you can expect to receive a rotisserie of a massage while you lay on your back, your sides, and your belly, so that the therapist can practice their single footed protocol of techniques 360 degrees around you! With Ashi-Thai, you’ll need to remain clothed, wearing flexible, movable “workout”style attire, and the intern will twist and compress your limbs into stretches as you lay both face up and face down.

The internship program allows trained Barefoot Massage Therapists the opportunity to practice on the public while working off their tuition. As a precursor to working at Heeling Sole, our interns are figuring out the finer details of this technique and completing their Certification by practicing until they get it perfect. Occasionally, Heeling Sole’s owner and Ashiatsu instructor, Jeni Spring, may drop in on your session to assist the intern. You’ll receive 20% off regular prices.

You’ll be required to complete a feedback form after each session to document the Interns quality of work. These massages are not customizable, as the intern has a protocol that they must practice.

Discounts, Gift Cards and Packages are not eligible for these sessions.
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Student Clinic:

Massages are held during an Ashiatsu workshop led by Jeni Spring or Jessica Jenkins. There will be anywhere from 1-5 massages in the same room.

Some classes require a certain body type or weight, and may also require that you are a man. (Sorry ladies, we need big meat for our feet to practice on!)

Discounts, Gift Cards and Packages are not eligible for these sessions.
Ashiatsu Student Clinic
Advanced Student Clinic: Men who weigh 180+ pounds only.

As a participant, you will receive a 90-120ish minute long deep tissue barefoot massage session from a beginner Ashiatsu student! Our classroom has 4-5 massage tables, where you and 4-5 other people will undress, hide under the sheets, and be covered where it counts by the sheet while lying on a massage table as the students practice massaging you.
We ask that you please give constructive feedback to the students during your massage to help improve their technique.